Today in the city Chignik 18.10.2017
First Detection of Gravitational Waves from Neutron-Star Crash Marks New Era of Astronomy

For the first time ever, scientists have spotted both gravitational waves and light coming from the same cosmic event - in this case, the cataclysmic merger of two superdense stellar corpses known as...

Astronomers Detect Collision Of Neutron Stars, Universe's 'Greatest Fireworks Show'

For the first time ever, astronomers have caught a glimpse of the cosmic fireball that results from two dead stars colliding.

Paulie Malignaggi Confirms Talks Are Taking Place for Conor McGregor Fight

Former boxing world champion Paulie Malignaggi has confirmed his promoter Al Haymon has had discussions with UFC President Dana White regarding a fight with Conor McGregor.  Malignaggi, who acted...

Scientists strike gold with gravitational waves

For the first time scientists have detected gravitational waves, the ripples in space and time predicted by Albert Einstein, with light from the same cosmic event. Three U.S. scientists who made th...

Scientists Catch Neutron Star Smash-Up That Blew Gold Into Space

For the first time ever, observations show cosmic cataclysm that ejected gold and other heavy metals.

Arsenal Transfer News: Latest Rumours on Thomas Lemar and Andre Silva

Monaco may reportedly find it hard to turn down a big-money bid from Arsenal for Thomas Lemar in January, while AC Milan striker Andre Silva is said to be a potential replacement for Alexis Sanchez. A...

Astronomers detected 100 Earths' worth of gold being forged in space — here's how much it's worth

More than 4,000 astronomers on Monday revealed the first-ever detection of two neutron stars colliding in space. Such objects are the skeletons of massive stars that have cataclysmically exploded, lea...

Groundbreaking gravitational wave discovery shows Einstein's brilliance yet again

Even 100 years after the fact, Albert Einstein is still getting his due.  On Monday, more than a thousand astronomers and physicists around the world celebrated the announcement of a landmark dis...

Scientists Spy Neutron Star Smash-Up That Blew Bling Into Space

For the first time ever, observations show cosmic cataclysm that ejected gold and other heavy metals.

Ultra-Powerful Radio Bursts May Be Getting a Cosmic Boost

Repeating radio bursts are among the most mysterious phenomena in the universe. A new theory explores how some of their puzzling properties can be explained by galactic lenses made of plasma.

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